Happy 4th of July!

Too bad I missed wishing you guys a happy 4th of July earlier today. Amanda and I spent the day at home chilling out on our first free Saturday in months. (At least it seems that way!)

For our fireworks viewing pleasure we headed to the beautiful Jekyll Island. (love that place!) Between the four local areas where fireworks are shot off (legally) – Jekyll is the best. It has a beach regardless of the tide and has more families.

Before leaving I rounded up a few tips from PhotoJojo on shooting fireworks so I wouldn’t go out there relying on trial and error. It helped so much considering I hadn’t shot fireworks photos before.

Here’s what we left with… including an awesome (if I do say so myself) shot of Amanda and I.

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  1. carrie kraus
    | Reply

    These photos are amazing! Fantastic work.

  2. These are awesome! Fantastic work!

  3. Valerie's Photography
    | Reply

    Totally awesome pictures! I didn’t make it to the fireworks… these are the next best thing! Great Job!!

  4. Fred McKinnon
    | Reply

    awesome – where do they shoot them from on JI?

    • Chris Moncus
      | Reply

      The beach right behind the convention center. There are about a hundred yards on either side that are roped off.

  5. Eric
    | Reply


  6. Justin
    | Reply

    Seeing these pictures was better than actually seeing the fireworks in Waycross.

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