Look What I Found on Facebook

Just now before signing off for the night I decided to check Facebook only to find a status that made me call for Amanda to come see. The bride whose wedding we shot on May 8th made this her status earlier today:

christina facebook best wedding photographers

Wow. We’re stunned to see this. Likewise, Christina and Dan were the perfect couple. Easy-going, fun, loved details. It really showed everywhere from the choice of a destination wedding on Jekyll Island to the custom-made ties that Christina designed. They were a joy to work with.

While we’re talking about Facebook statuses, here’s mine from the drive home (with a stop by Waffle House) after their wedding.  

facebook status after christinas wedding

Yeah I invented a new word it was so awesome! We were excited about that night.

Now, if only the whole world knew were the best wedding photographers in the world… :)

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