Sara’s Senior Portrait Session On Jekyll Island

After transferring memory cards and seeing what we got I couldn’t go to bed without posting at least one image from today. One word for today’s shoot… AWESOME.

It was day two of Sara’s senior portraits (the one we started at the Ritz last month). We started in the historic district on Jekyll Island then headed to the water to photograph her and two friends in a canoe. So how did we shoot? From kayaks! (See the photo below I stole from one of the girl’s Facebook. That’s me in the front Kayak.)

The family brought all their own kayaks and a canoe for us to use. It was great to get out on the water again. I love families that care enough about getting good photos that they go through all that trouble to help. It made the shots to not have to shoot from land and instead be right there on the water with them.

I need to simmer down. I’m getting too excited. :)

Summary: Awesome family. Awesome ideas. Awesome photos. Can’t wait to post some more!
Sara's Senior Session on Jekyll Island

From the shore, Sara’s mom took this picture of us out on the water.


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  1. Rick Freeland
    | Reply

    Beautiful photo, I’m jelous. I never take pictures that good. Hope you all had a great time on Jekyll Island.

    • Chris Moncus
      | Reply

      We always do. If you guys ever need a photographer let me know.

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