New Logo and a New Website!

As you may have noticed, our web images have been bearing a new mark. We have recently gone through a logo redesign process that was long overdue. The logo was so 2007 and needed a makeover. In comparison, we believe this logo is much more elegant, simple, and memorable than our previous.

Chris Moncus Photography Logo

Thanks to a couple friends – Joel and Adam – who helped us through the process. Your wisdom and honest opinions were so valuable.

And to finish it off, we have redesigned the site to a very stripped down, easy to navigate, content-focussed layout to compliment the simplicity of the logo and to leave room for what matters.

And now back to the photos. Look later today for photos of the Paulding family. We had a great time with them on Sea Island. Trust us. You’ll wanna see these. Their daughter Gracie is adorable!

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