The Blanchards’ Downtown Family Session

We’re on a cute kid roll this week!

We spent Sunday afternoon with Justin, Nikki, and Aubrey in downtown Brunswick to grab some family pictures in time for the holidays. We tried a few new things and loved the results.

Justin and Nikki are incredibly faithful volunteers we work alongside of at our church and good friends of ours, which made this even more fun.

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  1. Jan Moncus
    | Reply

    These are really, really good. I was going to let you know which one was my favorite, but it kept changing. I bet this was a lot of fun. You and Amanda are awesome with the camera!

  2. Jessica
    | Reply

    omg omg omg!!! could they be any cuter??! i love the one with aubrey in the foreground and nikki and justin in the background. and nikki.. you are such a babe!

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