12:30am and We Need a Self-Portrait

So what do you do when you’re working on a print piece to give to brides to serve as a wedding photography guide AND you need to send it to print tomorrow AND you still haven’t gotten a photographer friend to take a photo of you? Easy. You go out in the pitch black night and find an unlit area to set up all your gear – including two light stands, flashes, umbrella, a camera on a tripod, two prop cameras, a large reflector, and an accent light. At 12:30am.

Here’s the results of the labor. We had fun to say the least.

Setup Info: 1/200 at f/2.8 at 16mm. Canon 5d Mark II. Two flashes: one at camera right, one a camera left behind us. Reflector at camera left.

Chris and Amanda Profile Photo

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