Favorite Wedding Photos of 2009

Looking back on 2009, we think we’ve created some of our best images this year. As wedding photographers this year we’ve met so many great people via our cameras. Some have become great friends. We can’t wait to see what 2010 holds. (We’ve already booked 10 for next year!)

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The images below were chosen for different reasons. Some because they are great images (in our opinion). Some because they have a story. Either way they hold a special place in our memories of 2009.

Dana + Billy: St. Simons Island, GA – Casino/Neptune Park

This photo was one of those you take because you know it will look good, not because it looks good right then. Why? Because Neptune Park on St. Simons Island was LOADED with people that day. We had to carefully remove 6 or so people and 3 trash cans from the scene to get to this image.

Kuykendall-Wikoff Wedding

Megan + Chad: St. Simons Island, GA – Beaches

We grabbed this as we were heading to take more photos. They got ahead of us and were enjoying the first few minutes of being married.

Megan and Chad Wedding

Charity + Dustin: Downtown Brunswick, GA – Old Court House

This was one of those “what is our photographer doing?” moments where I said “stand there and just trust me”. They were about to get in this sweet Caddy and I noticed the reflection in the wheel. They loved the shot! “Oh that’s why you were laying on the ground pointing the camera away from us” :)

Charity and Dustin's Wedding

Rachel + Paul: Jekyll Island, GA – Historic District

Not much of an amazing story behind this one. The amazing story is with the couple. I didn’t plan this. We were walking to a new location and I turned around and this is what they looked like. You can see how much he adores her. She never would have seen this face had we not turned around at that moment.

Rachel and Paul Wedding Portraits

Wendy + Tony: St. Simons Island, GA – Beaches/Casino

This is what you get when you tell a couple that just got married to kiss for a picture. I felt like I was shooting this for the poster of an action/romance movie.

IMG 4927 edit 546x820 Favorite Wedding Photos of 2009

Jamie + Ben: St. Simons Island, GA – St. Simons Community Church/Neptune Park

They wanted fun pictures. Enough said.

Jamie and Ben's Wedding Portrait Session on St Simons Island Bea

Katie + TJ: Waverly, GA – Maiden Creek

I just really liked this image. :)

Katie and TJs Wedding ChrisMoncusPhotography 064 IMG 2226 web 546x8201 Favorite Wedding Photos of 2009

Katie + Trey: St. Simons Island, GA – Epworth by the Sea

Katie said she wanted sunset photos but sunset was right in the middle of her reception… so we worked the schedule around it. As soon as the picture break came around we snuck out the back door to head to the bank of the river and get her sunset pictures. We were all blown away at how good they were and how “worth it” it was to reschedule the reception around them.

Katie Treys Wedding ChrisMoncusPhotography 162 IMG 4378 web 546x8201 Favorite Wedding Photos of 2009

Krissie + Norman: Waycross, GA – Obediah’s Okefenok

“We’re getting married in a swamp.” Well you don’t hear that every day. It turns out Obadiah was her great-great-grandfather and his home from way back then is now a historic landmark and the area around it, a swamp, is a wildlife preserve. It was a beautiful area for a wedding. The shot below is one actually taken in the swamp area. You don’t get images like that very often.

Krissie and Norman Wedding Chris Moncus Photography 1983 820x546 Favorite Wedding Photos of 2009

Mallery + Earin: Brunswick, GA – First Methodist Church

They had just lit the unity candle and came back to the middle. With the pastor stepped off to the side and a song being sung it seems as if they are the only ones there. The focus through the cross is no accident. These two have based their relationship on their relationship with Christ. This is an image that once I saw it on the back of Amanda’s camera after the ceremony I actually screamed with excitement.

Mallery and Earin Wedding ChrisMoncusPhotography 222 IMG 0463 1 web 546x8201 Favorite Wedding Photos of 2009

Regina + Tommy: St. Simons Island, GA – Their home

This love story needs to be told. After 25 years of marriage, they divorced. After healing and post-/pre-marital counseling they remarried. They’ll tell you that without God they ruined their marriage and it was with God that they repaired it. What a story.

Tommy and Regina's Wedding

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  1. Jan Moncus
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    These photos are GREAT! Yo and Amanda are amazing with a camera.

  2. David Sno
    | Reply

    Looks like you had an amazing year bro! Looking forward to see your progression this year! Keep it up, it’s inspiring to us new comers ;)
    Aloha! and Happy New Year!

    -David Sno

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