Fun Times with the VanBoxel Kids

On a cold winter morning we joined the VanBoxel kids and their sneaky dad Jimmy under the guise of “going to see Santa” to get some secret photos to give their mom for Christmas. Yeah, I’m posting this two months late. :)

The plan was to meet at Christ Church to make use of the several hundred year old tabby walls and the great scenery. We also borrowed the playground for a bit. Next we headed to the St. Simons Island pier area for some more  fun. These kids were a blast! This shoot was a bit different because Jimmy (dad) really likes black and white photography. Photographing with that purpose gives us a whole different approach to capturing images. I love when we get to things a bit different than normal.

On a “this guy rocks” side note. Jimmy is a stylist and owns Uberzoot Salon on St. Simons Island. He’s given Amanda and I the best cuts and styles we’ve ever had.

  1. Candace Perry
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    I absolutely love the shot of the kids running on the dock!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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