Chelsea + Malachi Are Married! – A St. Simons Island Wedding

Oh how we LOVE beautiful, creative weddings!

Chelsea and Malachi said their vows in Neptune Park by the St Simons Island Pier Village in the company of their closest friends and some passers by. It was funny to see people walking along and stopping to watch the wedding. I think these unofficial guests outnumbered the invited guests at one point. :)

The ceremony was set with natural wood chairs on the lawn leading up to a large Cedar overlooking the Atlantic Ocean where they were wed. Since no back doors existed for Chelsea to enter from, her dad made them for her. Over the course of planning this wedding I would hear about the many things that were hand made. Tables were made from old doors. Windows were turned to picture frames. Mason jars became flower pots. A lemonade stand was built. A couple crates formed the base for the coffee bar provided by Wake Up Coffee.

I think they only things that weren’t DIY at the wedding were the chairs. Seriously.

When you take creativity of that magnitude, a couple that adores each other, and a super-fun set of guests – you’ve got some magic.

The reception was held at the St Simons Island Casino (which is odd to be calledthat since there is no gambling there). It really is a great reception venue due to the large open areas and the view of the water. I was floored by the creativity of how they decorated the place. The theme was rustic – old wood, burlap, mason jars, picnic tables, candle light. Such a different approach to the typical coastal wedding and I LOVED IT.

Anyway, now to the pictures. I hope you enjoy the one at the end where Justin from Island Sound (the DJ) and I joined in on the dancing. :)

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  1. Cheryl Joy
    | Reply

    I can’t help but love DIY-ers! Rustic and shabby-sheik themes are my favorite. Love, love, love. I really, really loved the groom’s boutonniere.

    You guys got some awesome candids! :)

    • Chris Moncus
      | Reply

      Thanks! That wedding was an incredible one.

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