Natalea + Ryan’s Beach Engagement Session on St. Simons Island (Part 1)

Amanda and I arrived a few minutes early at the St Simons Island lighthouse for the engagement session. As we were getting our gear ready we noticed that the pool next to us was being cleared. Then we saw lightning in the distance. You couldn’t even see Jekyll Island though the rain that was coming our way. We had to make the dreaded call to postpone the session. Drat! We were sooo looking forward to it.

So instead, Amanda had the idea to invite Natalea and Ryan to dinner and hang out a bit since we were all out anyway. After some bang-bang shrimp and great conversation at Bonefish Grill we walked outside to a clearing sky but fading light. Half joking I suggested we take some photos. Ryan loved the idea so we hurried over the beach right as twilight was approaching.

I’m glad we did.

In the next 30 minutes or so we had a blast capturing these two who so apparently love each other. I’m looking forward to their makeup session next month that WILL have clear skies. But until then, here’s what we got last night.

UPDATE: See part two of the engagement session here!

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