Ashley + Michael’s Sunrise Engagement Session on Jekyll Island

It seems “the shoot got rained out” in a becoming a theme this summer. Such was the case with Ashley and Michael’s engagement session. We got rained out at our first try. When rescheduling, we decided since sunset gives us the best light and but also seems to attract storms, we should try the opposite… sunrise. You can guess we were excited about this shoot because, well, not much excites us enough for us to get up at 5am! :)

I am super pleased with this engagement session. Jekyll Island has great beaches that we took full advantage of. Driftwood Beach, where we began our session, is a popular site for weddings and portrait sessions. The good thing about a 6am shoot is the beaches being almost completely clear of other people. We did have one ATV drive by with college students checking on the sea turtle nests near us though.

I do want to point out one thing I was really stoked about… I got to climb a tree! The picture looking down at Ashley and Michael laying on the beach towel was taken from about 8 feet up in the air and about 12 feet out on a slippery branch. There’s nothing like a little danger to make a photo shoot a little more exciting!

Afterward we headed to the historic district to get some more images including some with their bows! They both compete in archery tournaments and wanted to incorporate this love they share into their portraits.

We can’t wait for their wedding next month!

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