Lunch With the Family at Bubba Garcia’s

We don’t post much personal stuff on here and I’d like to change that. We don’t just take photos of other people. There’s more that. Like our families.

After church a couple Sunday’s ago, my family got together at Bubba Garcia’s (great Mexican food) for lunch. With us was my adorable niece Mary Jane. So, of course, out came the camera. I’ve been practicing using natural light alone lately and this was a good opportunity to play some more. I tend to use off-camera flash on almost every portrait shot. Sometimes I know it has held me back from the flexibility I could have had were I not relying on it. I’m glad to say the experiments are going good.

Anyway, I just wanted to share these pictures with you guys. Feel free to comment below.

  1. Nathaniel
    | Reply

    Dude, these are fantastic. I love the eyes and the textures of the skin =D

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