Silk + Cotton :: The Bride and Groom’s Wedding Day Attire

Yesterday’s wedding in Mitchell, GA showed the proof of this couple’s hard work over the past months to make their wedding beautiful and unique.

Two things that caught my attention and my awe were her choice of a raw silk dress and his cotton bloom boutonniere. Because of the blooming season for cotton, Ryan had to pick the cotton months ago. Planning ahead really paid off. And when Megan’s dress was everything she wanted except for the single shoulder strap, she had one custom-made for it.

We love details like this. Look for more of their photos soon or at

Cotton Boutonniere and Raw Silk Wedding Dress. Megan Griswell and Ryan Phillips Wedding in Mitchell GA

  1. Mary Griswell
    | Reply

    I’m salivating!! If this is our “teaser” pic, I can’t wait to see the gallery.

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