Carly + Gyver :: Jekyll Island, Driftwood Beach Wedding Elopement Photographer

When we arrived to meet Carly and Gyver we found them upstairs having a party. But the guests were 4000 miles away! Carly and Gyver were knelt down in front of Carly’s MacBook on a Skype video call with her family back home in Yorkshire, England. You could see decorations and maybe a dozen family members all crowded around the webcam. They were having an American themed party, they said, with KFC and New York cheesecake. :)

I did my first family portrait that involved a computer and the family 4000 miles away.






The wedding planner and officiant, Carla, of St Simons Elopements, also helped out with some finishing touches to Carly’s hair by adding some beautiful flowers from The Flower Basket.




And then out to the beach to get married!










The spot where Carly and Gyver chose to get married at Driftwood Beach was almost like a natural cathedral.

















After photos on the beach, we headed to the historic district toward the majestic oak trees.













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The Wedding Professionals:

  1. Carla Pryor
    | Reply

    What great pics of Carly and Gyver’s elopement! You guys are FABULOUS!

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