Best gift for a photographer’s kid? The same camera he had as a kid! A Mickey Mouse 110 Film Camera!

We walked outside today to find a package on our doorstep. Written in crayon were the addresses. “Sweet! A baby gift from Betty!”

Sidenote: Betty is our photographer friend who is our go-to when we need photos of us. She kinda rocks. Well, more than kinda. She rocks a lot!

Proof of that? We opened the box to find a gift that went straight to my heart. If you ever hear my “How did you get into photography?” story, it starts when I was about 5 and my parents bought me a blue Mickey Mouse 110 film camera while on family vacation at Disney World. I feel like I almost sent our family into bankruptcy buying film and making prints. There started my love for making photographs.

The box contained a PINK Mickey Mouse 110 film camera JUST LIKE MINE!!! I mean the exact one! I couldn’t believe it.

I am proudly displaying this in Eliana’s room. And only a few more days until she gets here!


Mickey Mouse 110 Film Camera in Pink

Here’s the photo I took of it right after we opened the package. 

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