Baby in Kodak Duaflex IV Camera Lens || It’s My Baby Eliana!

I’ve been slightly distracted lately with my first child Eliana entering the world last month. I’ve been dying get more creative photos of her. I was inspired by someone who did something similar with an old camera and finally had the chance today. You might have seen other photos of my baby with a vintage camera (Canon AE-1 P). Well here’s another!

This time it’s a Kodak Duaflex IV Camera, a dual lens camera where you look through the top of the camera to see the picture instead of looking forward like you do in modern camera. It gave me an interesting view by looking backward through the front lens to see my baby on the other side!

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the shoot with my trusty sidekick and Eliana’s awesome mommy, Amanda. The part facing Eliana is the part you look through to take the picture.


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