Proposal Paparazzi: Kelly Asked, Mandi Said Yes! || St Simons Island Beach Proposal

These kind of shoots always start off like a Mission Impossible. The severity in each groom’s voice echoes that of an agent’s orders. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to capture the proposal without being seen. Sounds easy until you factor in how big my camera is with a big, white 70-200mm lens on it. But with my trusty sidekick Amanda, we handled it and she had no idea we were there for them.

Arriving with his dogs and his soon to be fiance, they took a stroll down the beach toward us. The feeling of being a paparazzi was in full effect as they walked toward us. Then as soon as Kelly got close and was at a good angle, he got on one knee and asked her! After she said yes and they hugged and kissed so joyously, Kelly pointed us out… to her surprise!

It was so great to be a part of this time with you two!






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  1. Travis
    | Reply

    That’s a cool gig. Did you act like you were taking pics of Amanda?

    • Chris Moncus
      | Reply

      Really I just hid the camera behind Amanda. Then I would shoot over her shoulder. Kelly did a good job keeping Mandi from looking toward us.

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