Prints Are Alive!

725 4x6 Professional Prints

You see that photo above? That’s a stack of 725 4″x6″ prints.

You see that baby on top? She’s mine. And I love her so much.

Why is there a stack of 725 prints on my dining room table? Because photos don’t belong on a computer. Sure, it’s a great place to store them for later use, like prints in a shoebox.

Photos belong on paper.

It’s their true home. On paper and in albums or frames.

They especially come ALIVE when printed by professional labs on professional paper.

I bought these prints through my professional lab at my professional lab’s prices because my family is worth it. They will outlast hard drives and convenience store prints.

I write this to remind you that even though your photos may be on Facebook or your computer, the print is the true realization of a photograph.

When you buy prints from CMP, you’re buying a product that lasts.

I would never sell a client a sub-par product. I believe in our products so much that I buy them for my family. We spent a lot of money on these prints which are such an investment in our family.

Besides these, there are many other size prints to be framed and go on our walls.

So when it comes down to deciding what to purchase, consider the power of the print.

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