Emily’s Senior Portraits on Her Dad’s Shrimp Boat || Darien, GA Senior Portrait Photographer

We get so many opportunities to shoot in cool locations. This was one of them. Emily’s dad is a shrimper and she tells us she more or less grew up on and around her dad’s boat near Darien, GA. Her senior portraits were so fun. The textures, lines, and settings were all so perfect. Emily was incredibly good to work with. She was a good sport when we asked her to sit in the shrimp nets because we knew great photos would happen. They did. :) Plus, the sunset was so beautiful that day for her senior portraits.

On a sidenote, we were so impressed by her manners. I’m still not entirely ok with 18 year olds calling me sir and Mr. I’m not old enough! Just kidding, it shows a lot about how she was raised and I really respect good parenting.















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