We know getting ready for your engagement session is full of questions. What do I wear? Where should we go? How should I have my hair? All those are great questions. Just asking them means you care and that you’ll do fine at the shoot. All you have to do is be yourself. But if you need help discovering how to best be yourself, we’ve got some help right here.

So to help you get ready, here are some engagement session tip and answers to the most commonly asked questions about engagement shoots.

First tip. Get one!

We all know that having the photos is the prime reason to have an engagement session. But the second biggest reason is to begin the photographic relationship with your photographer. Not many of us have ever had our photos taken professionally. On top of that, not many of us have been photographed while we were supposed to be acting in love. Being able to get over the potential uncomfortableness of being in front of a camera will be critical to great images on your wedding day. Plus, getting to know the photographer will grow the trust and relationship that will help these amazing images happen.

Aletha and Bo After-Wedding Portraits (5)

Incorporate things you already love doing into the shoot

This will bring out so much you-ness in the photos. We love it when couples tell us they chose a location because of the memories. Or when they tell us they chose to bring along a special something. Some examples: Favorite restaurant, boating, a park, pets, sports, music, recreation.

Be inspired

Look at some of our previous engagement sessions to get an idea for things that look good together or for ways they chose to incorporate the things they love. Ask your friends for ideas. Post the question to Facebook. You could look in your favorite magazines, even non-wedding ones, for ideas. Maybe the jeans ad or the article on places to have fun is just the inspiration we need. So snap a picture and send it to us to help us understand what excites you.

Missy + Brian's Jekyll Island Engagement Session (7)

Think happy thoughts

You really shouldn’t rush from a high-stress day at work to a time where you’re supposed to be loving and happy. If your session is after something stressful, try and do something de-stressing in between. Maybe you need a milkshake or a game of frisbee. Whatever the case, show up at the shoot happy.

Think like a model

What do models do before a shoot? They make sure their nails, hair, clothes, makeup, and accessories look great. Even the guy models will be sure to think about some of these details. We don’t want to put any undue pressure on you to look great. We know you already do. But the extra bit of care always helps take the awesome up a notch.

Don’t worry about posing though. The best poses aren’t posed. They’re natural. We want to capture you two in love. If anything, practice loving each other. :)

Dress like you belong together

But not alike! Maybe you have a vintage look, or a beach look, or a high fashion look. Whatever the case, you should, in the end, be you. Also, bring a couple different outfits along and some different accessories so that we can change it up and give your images some variety.

Need some inspiration, go see more of our engagement photos.