You’re graduating this year! Wow! How time has flown by. Congrats on making it through 13 years of school. Now you’re ready to have your senior portraits. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. We’re honored.

So you probably have some questions. Below are some of the most common ones we get asked. If your question isn’t answered here, be sure to contact us so we can get your questions answered.

I’m ready to book or I have more questions.
Just call, write, or txt us. We’d love to talk to you.

My school makes me get senior portraits somewhere else.
Most schools have a specific studio take the official yearbook photo but you are free to choose any studio you’d like for your fun senior portraits. We’d love for you to choose us.

Where can I see more of your recent senior portrait sessions?
We keep our blog updated with all of our senior sessions. Go check it out!

How many outfits should I bring?
3-4 per hour are recommended but you can bring as many as you’d like. But changing times do count toward the time booked.

Can we go to multiple locations?
Yes! Variety is always a good thing.

What’s your approach to senior portraits?
We want to make you look your best doing the things you love the most in the coolest places. We’ll talk and decide if you just want pretty or cool pictures or if you want to go a little crazy. Guitar player? We’ll make you look like a rock star. Fashionista? Your photos will belong in magazines. Athlete? Is that a Nike ad you’re in? You get the picture.

What are your packages?
We take a base package/collection and customize it as you’d like. You can add more time, prints, digital files, books, canvases, and others. Collections start at $325. Contact us so we can create one custom for you.

How long will it take to receive the photos? How will I see them?
We upload the photos within 10 business days after they have been retouched and are ready to be printed. Once online you’ll get an email inviting you to go see them. You can invite anyone else you’d like to see them to do so as well.